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For a Republican Majority in the New Hampshire Senate


Balanced Budget and Fiscal Responsibility
We will continue to insist upon and maintain balanced budgets that live within our means and do not raise taxes or fees.  New Hampshire government should be frugal and limited, and in the event we run a surplus, it should be saved for a rainy day to protect taxpayers.

Strengthening New Hampshire’s Economy
We will work with citizens, employers, and state agencies to encourage government to act as a partner with our state’s job creators.  Together we can encourage investment and the creation of good paying Granite State jobs. By fostering a pro-growth environment in the state, which includes working to reduce taxation and regulation, we will maximize New Hampshire’s ability to attract and maintain successful businesses and high-quality jobs.

Access to High Quality Health Care and Education
We will advocate for market-based health care reforms and access to top quality education for all New Hampshire citizens.  On health care, we will support policies that will lower costs and increase access while giving patients more information, control, and responsibility for their health care decisions.  On education, we will fight for education reforms that improve outcomes for our students by encouraging school choice and local control and working to reduce the cost curve at our state’s colleges and universities.

Government Efficiency
We will promote a streamlined, efficient, and responsive state government that cost-effectively meets the needs of our citizens, rewards performance, and combats waste.