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For a Republican Majority in the New Hampshire Senate

Senate Republicans uphold school choice for NH families

Sen. John Reagan- Chair, Senate Education Committee

Sen. John Reagan- Chair, JLCAR

CONCORD, NH — Today, the New Hampshire Senate defeated an attempt to repeal New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit program supporting School Choice Scholarships. The program allows businesses to take credit against their business taxes for donations to qualified scholarship organizations that provide scholarships to low-income New Hampshire families.

“New Hampshire’s School Choice Scholarships make it more affordable for low-income families to choose the right school to suit their child’s individual needs,” said Senate Education Committee Chair John Reagan (R-Deerfield). “Although the Education Tax Credit Program is just in the beginning, it is already showing results for our state’s students and it is already saving the state money.”

The Education Tax Credit program was first approved in 2012, and last year the New Hampshire Supreme Court rejected a teachers unions lawsuit to block the program. The Senate today voted 14-10 against repealing the program, with all 14 Senate Republicans supporting school choice.

“We’ve seen 143 students receive scholarships to attend the schools that they and their parents think will give them the best education possible,” continued Reagan.

“The modest amount the state spends on tax credits to companies that fund these scholarships leverages an even greater investment to New Hampshire schools. I hope to see it continue to grow.”

Responding to critics who disparage any education delivery system other than a public school, Reagan said, “The encouragement of competition in delivery of a service is not a denigration of those who hold an effective market monopoly. Competition often improves the quality of a service, and always reduces the price.”